Ramblings on Red – the month of Love!

It started in late January. You couldn’t miss it – local shops and supermarkets suddenly began turning red. Streamers, decorations, roses, poinsettia plants, chocolate wrappers, and even on-sale items of clothing all had an inevitable redness about them. One could have been forgiven for assuming an overnight Communist coup had taken place! But of course […]

Burnout, Stress and the Five Lens

By all accounts, it seems that stress-related issues are on the rise worldwide and are presenting increasingly serious problems to health, relationships and business. What can be done for Burnout & Stress?

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention

September has been designated ‘Suicide Prevention Month’, and the 10th of September is ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’. The intent is to generate a worldwide commitment and call to action that leads to the prevention of suicide.